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Jesse's January Dividends


     2019 is upon us and so is my biggest dividend month to date. I finally broke the thousand dollars in dividend payment and really saw my new account going to work. I feel great about the timing of the new account investments as I feel like I was able to put my money to work with solid dividend paying companies but also get most of them at a great value. The best part of the dividend investing adventure is watching the dividends acquire more shares of the companies and really seeing that proverbial snowball pick up steam. With all three of my accounts, I acquired 112 new shares which translates to $19.27 for the next quarter. Now $19.27 is not much but every dollar counts and I'm in it for the marathon, not the sprint. I laid out my dividend payments below so have a luck and happy investing!


MKP - $168.96

FN - $28.02

CWX - $505.40

NWH - $102.47

ALA - $10.08

SOT - $132.44

TD - $183.58

BNS - $183.60

PEY - $19.32

PEGI - $19.74

NWC - $60.80

BCE - $107.97

T - $54.50


Total = $1,576.88








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