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Jesse's December Dividends


Big dividend month to end a big dividend year. My totals for December 2018 were $884.25. Have yet to break $1000 but I am expecting to next month with my new retirement account in full swing. With my three accounts almost fully committed to dividend investing, I am excited to hit the $1000 dollars a month in dividend payment, I'm hoping by the end of the year (I own a few growth companies that do not currently pay a dividend).  I've also started working on my 2019 goals and am excited for this new year!


For December 2018, I was paid dividends by 9 companies. My accounts automatically re-invested those funds and I have 62 new shares working to make more money next month and next quarter. The snowball sure is rolling.


My total dividend for 2018 was $5727.01. I am hoping to break $10,000 for 2019 so stay tuned for updates!





WJA - $22.82

PEY - $19.20

ENB - $120.11

SOT - $131.25

NWH - $68.74

ALA - $22.81

FN - $196.92

GS - $243

FTS - $59.40


Total - $884.25











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