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Adam's December Dividends





       2018 has come to an end and we finished off the year with decent dividend income. For the month of December I made $492.35 in dividend income, which was reinvested through our DRIP collecting me another 33 shares for the month. The market has taken a major downturn over the last few months, which has provided a wonderful buying opportunity for us. In November I scooped up, 237 shares of Gluskin Sheff (GS), 110 shares of First National Financial Corp (FN) and 600 shares of Canwell (CWX). In December I grabbed another 183 shares of Canwell (CWX). We have been invested in both GS and CWX for a while now and after the big market drop in gave us an opportunity to scoop up more of these companies, which pay a wonderful dividend, at a price which we calculated to be undervalued. First National is a new company to us. We liked all the fundamentals of the company, the financial reports looked good, we calculated it to be right around fair value, and it has a history of paying a good dividend. On top of all that, they announced a special dividend to be paid out on top of the existing dividend in December.

        I also learned a valuable lesson in December. It has to do with First National Financial Corp and their special dividend. Stay tuned for my future post regarding the mistake I made and the money I missed out on, and hopefully you can learn from it and not make the same mistake.




ENB -- $95.28

FTS --- $53.10

GS -----$124.25

MFC -- $40.25

NWH -- $59

PEY --- $19.50

SOT --- $58.69

WJA --- $42.28


Total -- $492.35






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