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Adam's November Dividends




When I turned on my computer tonight to write about my November dividends, I hesitated, contemplating if I wanted to, or should even write about them at all. Why? Honestly, because at first thought, I was embarrassed. November was nothing to go boasting about, at only $136.36 of dividend income. But then I thought about it, thought about why we started doing this blog in the first place, and it has nothing to do with "boasting" about our results. We want to share our journey. Where we started, how far we have come, and where we plan on going. In November of 2015, my dividend income was $3.13, and now in 2018 it is $136.36. So, we are making progress. November is, and always will be a lower month for dividends and that is okay, because the other months carry the weight of some of our slow months. Lets not forget the month of October brought in $944.04. With one month still to go my 2018 dividend income is at $5205.87 and I am pretty darn proud about that. With 2019 just around the corner I will make an early projection based off of my current portfolio, that my dividends for 2019 should easily clear $7000!!!! My money is hard at work, is yours??







NWH.UN -- 58.67

PEY  --  19.44

SOT.UN -- 58.25


Total -- $136.36









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