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Jesse's goals 2019



"If you have a goal write it down, if you do not write it down, you do not have a goal, you have a wish" - Steve Maraboli


"Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines" - Brian Tracey


This is a new post I want to draft the first week of every year and revisit it halfway through the year, (July 14, our investing anniversary date seems like a perfect day) and do a review of the 2019 goals before the post; "My goals 2020".


The two quotes above are great, they hit home for me because I am such a believer in writing down your goals. Share your goals with the people who are going to build you up. Your spouse, your friends, your family, co workers, teamates etc. Hearing someones goals can be so inspiring and force you to level up and go out and make moves, take action. As this is a financial blog, it will focus mostly on my financials but I always have pieces of me sneaking into my writing and a huge piece of me is my friends and family.  My goals will be layed out in the SMART goal format.








Now without further ado, my 2019 goals:


1) Make blog posting a priority. This one seems easy but life gets in the way and I am going to make a concerted effort to draft 3 posts a month for a total of 36 posts. 


2) Grow a Twitter audience. Right now It's at zero and has not been launched but I'll be firing it up in 2019. Adam and I looked at our strengths and on the face, he's an instagram guy and I'm a twitter guy so Im going to try and achieve 1,000 followers this year.


3) Dividend payout average of $1,000 a month. This one might not fit in the old attainable category but if I can hit 90-95 percent of it, it's quite a feat. Not making excuses because I feel like I can hit it, it will just be one of the tougher ones.


4) Keep traveling. Go on two trips/vacations with my family, two with my wife and one with our friends. The trips do not need to be extravagant, some include a 30th birthday getaway for my wife and I am going to plan a multi day hike with some of my buddies like we did 6-7 years ago. It's amazing how careers, schooling, families get so busy but I think this summer, we'll make it happen.   


5) Read six investing, financial, life coach related books this year. I am cheating on this goal because I started it on December 4, 2018 on vacation. I will post updates on the books that I read and give a recommendation.


6) Put on 6 seminars. This goal is also lofty but I love teaching financial basics and financial literacy to people who want to learn it. Just like anything with teaching, the best students are the ones who are eager to learn and enjoy a subject. Combine that with teachers who are passionate and love the topic and it's quite the combo.


7) Set up an office area at home. I want a place where I can have a second screen plugged into my computer, have a whiteboard and my printer set up. This one will take some convincing with my wife who I know diligently reads this blog...


There you have it, goals 2019. Please share some of yours in the comments or on the Instagram post about this blog release.



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