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Jesse's September 2018 Dividends


September is always an exciting month, summer is coming to an end and we see the beginning of fall. Also, school is back in and of course September is a great month for dividends! 9/12 months down on the year and so far, so good. September 2018 I made $351.44. My accounts DRIP (direct re-investment plan) was working very well and I added 21 new shares of 6 companies. My 2018 total dividends for the first 9 months is a whopping $3552.49. Holding these companies is making me over $5000 dollars a year and it will keep growing with every new share added. Here is the break down of September 2018.






PEY.TO (Energy) - $19.02

SOT.UN (REIT) - $79.20

NWH.UN (REIT) - $22.86

FTS.TO (Utilities) - $42.87

ENB.TO (Energy) - $118.77

MKP.TO (Financials) - $68.72


Total = $351.44









One negative for the month of September is that Mccan Mortgage Corp (MKP) announced a dividend cut from .37 cents a share to .32 cents a share. The CEO also departed which leaves some uncertainty. Anytime a dividend is cut I wouldn't think of it as an immediate negative but it is worth digging into. 


September was a big month for buying and selling as well. I decided to sell my share of SOT.UN as I felt that it was a touch over valued and I could use the capital to money cost average. Money cost averaging is buying a company who's shares have dipped at the lower price. The average cost of your purchase then becomes lower and on the upswing, you stand to make much more in unrealized gains.


Several companies I purchased for September are shares of BCE, GS, CWX and BNS. I am happy with the shares I purchased even though it brings down my monthly dividend total slightly. 



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