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Jesse's October 2018 Dividends


Already at October, what a year 2018 has been and how fast has it flown by. The month of October was another good one, setting a new record for monthly dividends. The month of October brought in $783.15. My DRIP brought in a whopping 72 shares of companies I already own. I decided to add a calculation into this monthly dividend update that calculates the new income that my shares will add come January. (Companies typically pay out dividends once a quarter and usually on the same date). For example, I received 57 new shares of CWX.TO. Since CWX pays out a quarterly dividend of 14 cents, those new 57 shares are going to pay me $7.98 January 2019. with the extra 7.98 that will be an extra share and change. Adding up all the new shares, they are going to pay me an extra $12.50. In a few years, that will keep snowballing, especially as I add capital to my investment portfolio. Watching it grow has been surprising how fast everything has added up. Here is the dividend breakdown for October 2018:







CWX.TO - $301.42

NWC.TO - $60.16

PEGI.TO - $19.72

BCE.TO -  $69.46

T.TO -       $51.98

NWH.UN -$32.80 

PEY.TO -  $19.08 

GS.TO -    $91.50

TD.TO -    $56.28 

BNS.TO - $80.75




October Total = $783.15




I didn't buy any new shares of any companies in October. Bank of Nova Scotia raised their dividend for the October 2018 payout from $0.82 to $0.85. The three cents seems quite small but if they increase it each year, it sure adds up.



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