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Jesse's August 2018 Dividends


Back to the slow month.... I have added  new business' to my portfolio but one thing that really makes no difference is when the dividends get paid out. As it stands right now, I have 3 companies that pay dividends monthly and 0 companies that pay dividends in the months of February, May, August and November. My monthly average is still high and the other 8 months of the year certainly make a huge difference. Now without further ado, my dividends in August 2018 were $135.62. I still took in 13 new shares of the three companies that paid the dividends.







SOT.UN - $84.13

NWH.UN - $32.53 

PEY.TO - $18.96


Total - $135.63




A question I've been asked about dividends and specifically direct re-investment plans (DRIP) is that I'm buying shares and the company may be overpriced. My thoughts on this is that I'm going to let the dividend DRIP roll along until my monthly reaches $1,500. When it hits that, I will take a look at stopping the DRIP and putting that cash toward new undervalued companies or my existing companies that may be overvalued. What I love about the DRIP is that the money gets automatically re-invested and I don't pay the $5.99-$9.99 to buy new shares. It's not a huge number but it can add up fairly quick. The other side of the DRIP is every time I get paid a dividend, it's a little bit more. Each quarter (or monthly for 3 companies) I make a few cents or a few dollars more and it keeps adding up like a snowball rolling down the hill.


One big move in August that I made was another purchase. Last month in dividends I posted about buying Wesjet during a fall of about 15 percent. There was a new low cost airline that Westjet was rolling out and a fear of a pilot strike that really pushed the stock down and had investors panicking. I had mentioned last month that I fly Westjet on a regular basis and love it, never had a negative experience. Combine that with the numbers I analyzed and I liked the buy at $18.63. I didn't jump in with two feet (shoutout if you got the Buffet reference). I waited and the stock dropped again, allowing me to scoop up 115 more shares at $17.32 a share. As of this writing Westjet is hovering around $18.50, almost back to my original buy price. With the added Wesjet shares my yearly dividend from Westjet is $96.32. Since Westjet pays quarterly I will be "Dripping" one share at it's current price and watching that snowball role!


Stay tuned for more to come!



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