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Jesse's July 2018 Dividends


How quickly are we back to getting paid big money! January, April, July and October are my biggest months but the combination of March, June, September and December are catching up quickly. I just calculated my average dividends paid per month and it is $431.60. It just keeps growing and snowballing month to month. In July I was paid dividends from 8 companies I own and I took in 48 new shares for a total of $684.51. Not a bad haul if you ask me. Here is the break down:




SOT.UN - $83.50 

NWH.UN - $ 32.40 

PEY.TO - $18.96 

TD.TO - $56.28 

BNS.TO - $69.70

CWX.TO - $224.14

BCE.TO - $68.71

PEGI.TO - $19.53

T.TO - $51.45

NWC.TO - $59.84


July Total = $684.90





July also started off exciting because a company and sector I've been looking at dropped 15 percent and the numbers looked good. I bought 47 shares of Westjet at $18.63 and felt good about the price. I did not buy more because it may dip a little more. I fly Westjet on a regular basis, living in the Vancouver area and they're a great company from what I've seen. The numbers looked decent for that price. If I have a chance I'll be buying more in the near future to increase my position. The Westjet buy was half value, half dividend because the dividend is small although has room to grow. 


Several companies are on my watchlist for my TFSA and they include;


Buying more shares of Westjet (WJA.TO) if the price dips.

Keeping an eye on Altagas (ALA.TO), I like the upside and it has a huge, safe (in my opinion) dividend.

Another stock I want to purchase is Manulife (MFC.TO) I like the way they are expanding outside of North America, the dividend is decent and the price is good.


Although August is typically a slower month for dividends, I did make another buy and have some good information about the dividend/DRIP and value investing hybrid Adam and I subscribe to! 


Stay tuned.



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