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Adam's July Dividends




Oh my, how I love July! Almost at $1000 for a month of dividends. How amazing is that!! January, April, July and October are my biggest months but the combination of March, June, September and December are catching up quickly. I just calculated my average dividends paid per month and it is $490. It just keeps growing and snowballing month to month. In July I was paid dividends from 12 companies for a total of $880.70. I can not wait to break that $1000 mark. Here is the break down:





CWX.TO - $18.18

PEY.TO - $19.20

SOT.UN - $56.50

NWH.TO - $57.50

BNS.TO - $78.72

TD.TO - $6.70

NWC.TO - $94.08

PEGI.TO - $92.23

BCE.TO - $68.71

T.TO - $142.80

MKP.TO - $79.92

DIS - $3.69


July Total = $880.07





Overall July was huge month. And we are really starting to take notice to this “eight wonder of the world” we call compounding interest. You can make these kinds of gains as well. It is not that difficult, you just need to apply your self.


What companies are paying you dividends?


Comment below!



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