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Jesse's June Dividend Income




June was a good month. I received dividends from 7 companies totaling $675.50 for the month. The amount is slightly inflated as Gluskin Sheff, a wealth management firm, paid a special dividend on top of the regular quarterly dividend. Without the special dividend, the monthly total for June 2018 would have been $466.10. The $466.10 is up from March which brought in $377.84. The reason for the increase was from shares of Enbridge and Slate Office REIT.




PEY.TO (Energy)



FTS.TO (Utilities)

GS.TO (Financials)

ENB.TO (Energy)

MKP.TO (Banks)


TOTAL = $675.50








My TD account has been set to DRIP the dividends but they advised me last month it wouldn't take effect immediately so I was paid cash in that account. In my Questrade account the DRIP bought me 34 more shares which will just keep working next quarter (September). Since starting the blog and keeping better track of my dividends I am really seeing this strategy working for me and I couldn't be more excited.


In the month of June I did not make any purchases and sadly, no company on my own or watch lists increased their dividends. My watchlist has not changed and I am still treding carefully as I have alot of capital already working in my investment portfolio. I did make a purchase at the beginning of July but you'll have to wait until next time to find out more... 


July is next and it has the potential to be my biggest dividend paying month to date so stay tuned.



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