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The Question of Why?







The question of why?


          "Why", is a question I get from friends and family who know about my passion for investing, securing my financial future and teaching others to do the same. I have been asked the question in a few different ways. Some, from people who are interested in learning and want to know more. Others in a more skeptical way, confused as to why I do this since I have a pension at retirement. I have been asked enough times that I thought I would write the reasons down to show everyone and to remind myself. 


1) Financial security for my family


           That is number 1. I know my wife and I will both have pensions at retirement but as we’ve seen in the news lately with Sears Canada, how can we be so sure. My goal is to create a passive income fund that will pay at the least $2000 a month. That amount will cover all of our bills since our mortgage will be paid off. The bills include property taxes, cell phone, utilities, hydro, cable and groceries. We can easily get by on $2000 a month since our children will be out on their own by then. If I am able to make more than $2000 a month, perfect, that is the goal I have made. I have roughly 25 years to get there and my current monthly total is $411 so I am well on my way.


2) Memories and Experiences over “stuff”


         Very quickly into our marriage my wife and I discovered we value time and experiences over stuff. We’ve splurged on some expensive things like a TV or couches or random toys and quickly discovered we value a day or two trip somewhere or a vacation so much more. We love to travel, we love to camp and we love to experience new things. Having an investment account that takes care of our finances has opened up and will continue to open up new doors for us. Having this money invested and knowing that the dividends are paid whether the market is up, down or in the middle, is such a stress reliever. One of the pillars in Adam and my investment philosophy is to not take money away from family experiences to invest it. It is not worth it at all. Every year my wife and I make it our priority to book a family trip as well as a few local get aways for just the two of us. We just booked our latest adventure for December and we’re so excited for it. 


3) It is fun!


          I love researching and finding new companies that have that undervalued, nice growing dividend combination. We’ve been able to find several companies that have increased in value very quickly, even though our plan is a long term hold. Starting our Instagram account and this blog have also helped us keep track of our own hits and misses over the last 3 years. This started as a bit of a hobby but quickly developed into a passion of teaching other people. The greatest part is seeing how, once it is explained, drowning in debt does not have to be the norm for anyone. I love seeing some of the students at our seminars be shocked when we explain compound interest, in a negative and a positive way. 


          One of our main goals is to start teaching all the topics they missed in high school about finances and how not to feel like you’re in over your head. Once you get into finances and money management it is pretty incredible what you can learn and do with that knowledge.




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