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Jesse's May Dividend Income


     February, May, August and November are the 4 months of the year where my dividends are quite a bit behind. The only dividends I get paid during those months are the three companies I own that pay their dividends monthly. My total dividend payments for May 2018 were $122.66. That total was paid by three companies and 2/3 I have set up on a direct re-investment plan (DRIP). I accumulated 12 more shares through the DRIP method and those shares will add to my total in June 2018! Keeping that snowball rolling.


     The point of posting monthly dividends is to A) keep myself on top of it (accountability) B) List the companies that increased their dividends and C) keep a "watchlist" of sorts and always re-evaluate those possible companies, month to month. The following are the companies that paid me dividends for owning shares:











PEY.TO (Energy)






May 2018 total = $122.66












The companies that raised their dividends for the month of May 2018 were:


Telus (3.96 percent)


     Gluskin Sheff (GS) also announced that they will be paying out a special dividend of .60 on top of their dividend of .25 on June 4, 2018. The special dividend is quite a large amount and it was unexpected (the amount - GS commonly pays special dividends to shareholders). The payout of .85 per share for the second quarter is 5.15% and when you compare it to the GS annual payout of 1.00 in a year, it sure adds up.  


     A few companies that are on the radar for May 2018 but for one reason or another, I am not taking the plunge are:







     I also purchased a few shares in mid-may. 


     PEGI.TO, Pattern Energy Group is an independant power company that owns and operates several different power company including wind power projects in North America. After crunching the numbers we felt that this company was undervalued and the dividend was high and stable so I bought a total of 36 shares. I would have loved to buy more but with most of my companies on the DRIP, the only buys I make are from adding more capital to my account.


       Although May was not exciting on the amount of dividend payments, a big company, Telus, raised their dividend, GS announced a huge special dividend increase and I was able to add a little bit to my portfolio. That snowball just keeps rolling down the hill! 




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