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Adam's May Dividend Income




         February, May and August are my lowest dividend paying months. I currently only receive dividends from three companies in those months. My total dividend payments for May 2018 were $115.42. I accumulated 12 more shares through the DRIP method and those shares will add to my total in June 2018! Compounding interest at its finest.


          The point of posting monthly dividends is to A) keep myself on top of it (accountability) B) List the companies that increased their dividends and C) keep a "watchlist" of sorts and always re-evaluate those possible companies, month to month. The following are the companies that paid me dividends for owning shares:





PEY.TO (Energy)




May 2018 total = $115.42






         The companies that raised their dividends in the month of May 2018 were:

Telus (3.96 percent)


     A few companies that are on the radar for May 2018 but for one reason or another, I am not taking the plunge are:







     I also purchased a few shares in mid-may. 


     PEGI.TO, Pattern Energy Group is an independent power company that owns and operates several different power companies including wind power projects in North America. After crunching the numbers, we felt that this company was undervalued and the dividend was high and stable so I bought a total of 200 shares. Here is a good article about some companies in renewable energy, including Pattern Energy Corp:


Is there any stocks on your watch list in renewable energy? Please share!


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