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Adam’s April Dividend Income






           Like Jesse, January, March, April, July and October are the highest paying dividend months of the year.  I started tracking the year over year monthly progress of my dividend income so I️ could really see the magic of compounding interest happening. It is a great way to keep you motivated and inspired to continue to grow your portfolio. Seeing my April dividend income go from $66.89 (2016) to $313.83 (2017) and then to $677.17 (2018) has really got me excited about what we are doing. Almost 700$ in April and it is all passive income. All I do is sit back and watch it roll in!


         The following are the companies that paid me dividends for owning shares in April of 2018:



PEY.TO (Energy)

BNS.TO (Financials)

TD.TO (Financials)



BCE.TO (Telecom)

NWC.TO (Retail)

CWX.TO (Building materials)

T.TO (Telecom)


April Total = $677.17






         The reason these are all Canadian companies is because I am holding these companies in my Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA) and am avoiding paying a 15 percent withholding tax on them if they were US dividend paying companies.


     The companies that raised their dividends for the month of April 2018 were:


BCE (5.2 percent)

TD (11.7 percent)

BNS (3.8 percent)


     I love seeing my companies give “raises”.  My money is working hard for me, it never quits, and it continually gets raises with me not having to do anything. I love it!!!!


Is your money working for you??? 

Comment below what companies are paying you the most dividends.


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