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 "Hey guys! This is justin.

Just wanted to say i sincerely appreciate both of you guys taking the time out of your days to talk to myself and everyone. I learned a lot from you guys and have already started working on my three month number. I havent quite set any smart goals just yet but i know i need to control my spending a lot more. Which is a start right?! You guys both did a great job covering a wide range of things and provided a lot of in depth information. I have nothing negative to say."

                                                                                                                   ~Justin W.

"Dear Adam and Jesse.


Thank you very much for the time and effort you put into your seminar. I learned a lot of essential information and it made me more conscious and aware of my financial habits. I use to get discouraged and nervous by looking at my bank account but now luckily, I get excited for all the new opportunity and growth I can achieve with my new outlook. I have started saving almost 20% of my bi-weekly income due to cut backs on "ghost money", quitting smoking, and can finally afford to pursue my passions and have savings for my long term goals. The awareness and perception I learned in your class has already improved my life and the life of my spouse. I now have almost half my contribution rate in my TFSA and will continue to save until I reach my cap. Thank you so much for all your knowledge, outlook and expertise." 

                                                                   ~Nick G.

"I honestly was able to learn a lot from the seminar. I was glad to learn about the 3 month number as well. I will be calculating mine asap because I feel it will help me organize my spending as well as help me realize where my money is specifically going. If there is one thing I could change about the seminar is only if it was longer! I was able to take in a lot of the information you guys gave me. You guys were able to keep me hooked I wasnt getting bored or anything. I feel like this seminar could help A LOT of people, because just like some of us there are many others who are not able to manage their money that well and I feel they can take in a lot from this seminar."

                                                                                                                      ~Farhaan A.

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