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Hi! I'm Adam

          Hello everyone! My name is Adam, welcome to my blog. I am 30 years old, happily married (to the amazing Brooke from Brooklyn D|Photographpy,, a father of two amazing boys and a little Disney obsessed.

          So why am I developing a blog about finances, and managing your own wealth? I am extremely passionate about it. So many people are struggling to get by, living paycheck to paycheck. Swimming in debt. Have no idea how to invest their hard earned money, to make more money. (Rule #1: Make money, Rule #2: have your money make money, Rule #3: Repeat.) MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING. But unfortunately money makes the world go round. If you can learn some key things about, budgeting, saving, and investing, you can create yourself a cushion of wealth, and in turn some financial freedom. It takes one of the biggest stressors in life off the table, money!   

         But why should you listen to me? I am just an average guy. Not some big league multi millionaire. But that is what makes me more relatable. I came from an average income family, and now have an average income job. But, I am only 30 years old and I have.....

1. Built my first house, at 21

2. Accumulated $90,000 in debt and paid it off. DEBT FREE!! Woohoo. (Ok I still have a mortgage)

3. Worked my way up from a first year apprentice, to being offered a 5% stake in a $6,000,000 company. (LEARN HOW TO SET SMART GOALS PEOPLE!!!) Though I turned it down and got into teaching, because it is much more rewarding helping others, and it allowed more time with my family.

4. Created, so far, a net worth of $706,000. (The goal is a net worth of 1 million by 40). Not sure of your net worth? Assets - Liabilities = Net Worth. There are some great calculators online.


5. Take my Kids to Disneyland annually (Note above - Disney obsessed) And will continue with two large vacations a year. To me this is the most important. Creating everlasting memories, is priceless. 

           The key thing in all of this is, I am an average guy, making an average salary. I just know how to budget, save, and invest. 

ENJOY LIFE!. Life is way to short. Make the most of it.  

    Hi! I'm Jesse

              Hello everyone! My name is Jesse, I am 31, living in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia Canada, married to my beautiful wife Anna and we have three amazing kids to complete our little family. Check back in two years and we might have added a dog or cat. I am very into hockey, football and golf, love to hike and our favorite vacation has to be laying on the beach in Maui.  

             Six years ago after a wedding, a few vacations and buying/renovating a house, we found ourselves in over 10,000 dollars worth of credit card debt. Seeing those insane interest payments got me focused on immediately paying it off which was done in under 6 months. It was an easy decision to never get back into that kind of debt and stop living paycheck to paycheck.

             The main reason I wanted to start to investing and working on my personal finance was to save up for my kids tuition, take care of my family and possibly retire early. Since 2015 I have read books, listened to podcasts and watched Youtube channels focusing on personal finance and it's been absolutely eye opening. It is amazing what compound interest and dividend investing can do to your life. I am working on this blog to not only show people how to do it and that it can be done but to also chronicle my our journey and be able to look back on where I started.

              Since 2015, I have my own investment portfolio, I am working on paying down my mortgage and I have no other debts to my name. I, like Adam come from an average income family and have a very regular job myself. The key is to stay focused, surround yourself with positive people and set some goals!


    A year from now, you'll wish you would have started today... - Karen Lamb

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